Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Loving Your Look: Avalon Food Truck Bazaar on June 24, 2011

After last week's food adventures at TheDailyCity's Food Truck Bazaar, I was looking forward to another tasty event today. We stopped by the CK Jerk Shack where my husband and father-in-law tried the ribs and jerk pork. The food received rave reviews.
The CK Jerk Shack (Their truck actually looks like a shack. Love it!)

Beth Hawley, gal pal and fellow blogger of Preppychick's Quest shared her cheesy grit bites from BigWheelProvisions. Yum! I knew I'd hit up The Traveling Gourmet for their organic pork lettuce wraps. They were my favorite truck at the Orlando Fashion Square Food Truck Bazaar, and I appreciate their local and organic philosophy. Last week I ate so much food that I missed the sweets, so today I knew I would focus on dessert. I had the LAST peach cobbler from The Batter Bowl Truck, and I'm so glad I did. It was delicious! The heat was getting to me by this point, and I wanted something cold. Sunset Ice saved the day with their mango Italian ice.

As excited as I was about tasting some yummy foods, I was dreading choosing an outfit for the evening. Getting ready for a day out in the hot sun is never an easy task. You know that there's no point styling your hair, and it is your natural inclination to just throw on the most comfortable things. However, while I walked around the food trucks at last Sunday's bazaar I spotted some inspiring fashion do's. I decided to include a weekly feature that would showcase the style-setters of the world. It is appropriately named, "I'm Loving Your Look." Check out my favorite outfits from this week's Food Truck Bazaar.

Susette Sumulong and Alison Chin
Susette and Alison both know how to wear floral prints. Susette's ruffled tank is the focus of her outfit, so she kept her shorts simple. Alison chose a fun and colorful pair of shorts and balanced the pattern with a solid black top. Their sandals kept with the casual, outdoors vibe while still being stylish. Now, I want to wear my floral tops and shorts.

Katie Ober
Katie looked fabulous in a printed maxi dress with fun detailing at the waist. Her accessories really caught my eye. The hoop earrings, bracelet, aviator shades, bright hobo bag and flip flops made this a fashion do. The most difficult look to pull off is the one that appears really easy. The maxi dress is a staple in a put together look that seems effortless. Katie shows the maxi dress at it's best!

Tristen Spears
I stopped Tristen on the sidewalk because I loved the vintage feel of her dress and bag. We ended up talking about our favorite stores and shared admiration for vintage-inspired pieces. I had such a  fun time chatting with her and her pals about life. She told me that she bought her dress at Dillard's and let me check the tag to find out the designer: Plenty Frock by Tracy Reese. Her bag has that great well-worn look. I'm ready to hit up the vintage shops or maybe just Anthropologie. 

Aimee Cespedes
Aimee added style to a tank and shorts. The top is the perfect color for her, and the distressed denim cutoffs remind me of a day at the beach. The leather cross-body bag is the easiest way to carry your essentials while out and about. Aimee's bag is practical and stylish. Gladiator sandals are one of my favorite things, and I wish I would have asked her where she bought them. I did learn that her fedora was from a store in Hawaii called Island Snow. Too bad I'm not headed to Hawaii any time soon, or I'd snag one for myself.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I did. I'm sure I'll put my own spin on them in the near future. Susette, Alison, Katie, Tristen and Aimee: Thank you all for being kind enough to allow me, a random stranger, to take your picture and talk about fashion. You were the perfect candidates for my first "I'm Loving Your Look" feature.

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