Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Friends, Hair Ties and Crazy-Awesome Skills

I already shared with you all the importance of dressing to make ‘em want you or want to be you. Remember, you never know when you’ll meet your own Brad Pitt (see “Make ‘Em Want You or Want to Be You”). Today, let me impress upon you the need to always leave the house prepared for any possible mishap. While out sampling multiple bizarre foods at The Food Truck Bazaar today, I got myself into quite the pickle.

Always trying to look my best, I stood up from my comfy foldout chair as gracefully as I could while simultaneously waving my loosely-curled hair over my shoulder. Perhaps the multi-tasking overtaxed my brain, but for some reason I was unable to extricate myself from said chair. Leave it to me to get the strap of my cute and flowery little black sundress caught on a chair! Needless to say, the strap broke and left one side of my dress hanging down in a not so attractive but entirely too revealing way.

Thankfully, I have Beth. She knows how to deal with all types of disasters. Check her out at Preppychick's Quest to Find Mr. Fantastic (and Other Disasters). Beth managed to come to my rescue in the knick of time as I clutched the side of my dress and tried to laugh about my clumsiness. Her resourcefulness astounds me! Using a hair tie that I had in the bottom of my purse, she somehow tied my strap back on to my dress. It wasn’t pretty, but it was better than walking around with my undergarments on display for all the world to see.

Now that I’m home and reflecting on my day I can’t stop thinking about the sewing kit that I proudly house in the glove box of my car. Little good it did me there because my car was sitting in my driveway miles and miles away when I was most in need. Maybe it should have been in my purse. Please heed this advice: ALWAYS be prepared or make sure you have good friends, hair ties and crazy-awesome skills!

Me BEFORE the fashion fiasco

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  1. I was happy to help out. Wicked awesome MacGyver skills to the rescue!