Monday, July 18, 2011

How to: Wear Patterned Tights

This is the first installment of a new feature I am working on. I'm going to present "how to" outfits for tricky fashion trends. As this is the trial run, I’m still working out the kinks. Pictures of me wearing the clothes I’m writing about will be a part of my posts as soon as possible. Thanks for the support and patience!

Patterned tights: I know, I know….I’ve come into this trend a little later than I would have liked. It’s not for lack of interest. Patterned tights have been on my radar since they started popping up all over the runways. I think I needed some time to warm up to them because, well, I have toothpick legs. At the tender age of 15, I overheard a cute guy whisper (not so quietly) to his friend, “That girl legs make her look like an ostrich.” I turned around, and he was pointing at me. I was devastated; and since that day I have not been too crazy about my long, skinny legs.

Recently, I came upon some amazing tights and thought I’d give them a try. I keep pulling them out in the hopes of wearing them but chicken out at the last minute. Tomorrow, I’m doing it! I’m going to wear my tights. Not only is it a chic look, but it’s pretty practical. While moving huge furniture all day I managed to create a rotten-peach look on my legs with bruises covering my knees and shins.
sprinkle dot tightsFeatherweight cotton cardiganFactory printed silk pocket tankNaven Greek Goddess Top available in 3 colors

There are two ways to do this: Tights with a simple blouse and patterned skirt, or tights with a patterned blouse and solid-colored skirt. For this outfit, I'm doing a patterned blouse and a simple skirt. In the first picture you can see what it would look like with a printed skirt.

The tights are from Kate Spade. They are dark blue with peach polka dots. A white blazer is easy to find in most stores. The one pictured is from J. Crew as is the striped silk tank. I bought a skirt just like this from J.Crew. FYI: J. Crew's outlet stores are having a HUGE sale this week! These heels are from Target. They look just like more expensive pairs, and they are a fraction of the cost. I have a similar necklace (also from Kate Spade).

I'm so excited to try out my patterned tights! It's about time. Feel free to share any fashion phobias you've gotten over. I'd love to hear your stories.

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