Friday, July 8, 2011

Make 'Em Want You or Want to Be You

Everyone’s heard the saying, “Dress for the occasion.” Although it seems to make sense, I have to respectfully disagree. Fashionistas do not simply dress for the occasion, they dress up in the hopes of standing out. Now, let me clarify. Dressing up does not mean you should wear a cocktail dress for chilling on the couch. All I’m saying is that you should always work at looking your best. As my mom constantly reminds me, “You never know when you’ll meet Robert Redford.” In my head I substitute Brad Pitt, but feel free to add your own gorgeous guy here. 

I admit that I have my share of grubby clothes that are extremely comfortable but not at all fashion-forward. Those clothes are relegated to the bottom drawer of my dresser only to be brought out for cleaning the house or vegging on nights when I’m home alone.

Let me tell you a little story that will prove my point that you should always dress up. The other day I broke my cardinal rule of looking my best in all situations. I went to the grocery store in my comfy clothes (grungy flip-flops, baggy khaki shorts and an Orange Crush t-shirt). Rushing up and down the aisles, I turned the corner and spotted my first boyfriend at the end of the row. Over the years that I’ve known him, I found it would behoove me to make an effort to look my best whenever we hung out. This guy has always been cute, and he grew into a gorgeous and well-dressed man. 

I spent the next few minutes ducking and covering as I dashed around completing my shopping. All of this could have been avoided had I kept in mind that Brad Pitt may be waiting somewhere as random as the grocery store. Let me put together a few outfits that would have better suited my needs of staying comfortable and looking fantastic.

Hey Shorty!
In this first look you could easily say, “Oh, this old thing?” about each piece. Amp up the look of a casual tank and denim shorts by throwing on a scarf and flashy gladiator sandals. The great thing about a scarf is that it’s the only accessory you need; loosely wrap it around your neck or pull your hair back and tie it around your head. 

 flutter floral scarfivy

Romp Around
Okay, I used to think rompers were only for kids. My opinion changed the first time I tried one on. Who wouldn’t love the breeziness of a dress with the ease of shorts? A bright colored romper is your major statement piece in this look. Simple, fun earrings pull out one of summer’s trendiest colors. Keep your shoes neutral to help make the romper’s pattern the focus.       

Myla Romper Mini Stripes .75" Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Skinny Wrap Hoop (E1368)Click to zoom in.

So, the next time you run out of the house ask yourself, “Does this look make ‘em want me or want to be me?” If your answer is no, then remember what my mother always told me: "You never know when you’ll meet  Robert Redford.” Mom’s always right….


  1. I love your ideas, Sarah. I will never leave the house looking like "Frumpy, the Lame Dwarf" again. :)

  2. Beth, I'm holding you to it! We're going to go back-to-school shopping and, with the help of your new bangs, you'll make 'em all want you!